I was fortunate to work closely with Sharron for over a year in a high-paced work environment that constantly introduced changes and challenges that were identified and resolved by Sharron’s expertise. Sharron is extremely easy to work with no matter the background, skill level, or management level of the people or teams with whom she interacts to accomplish her tasks and goals. Sharron is a problem solver and diligently works on resolutions until her customers are completely satisfied. She came to work at HPA at a time when the technical architecture was in dire need of an “over-haul” and was able to identify issues, make a complete plan of action for fixing those issues, and worked with several team members to resolve them. Sharron is a person of high integrity and strong work ethic. She is one of the best technical professional with whom I’ve worked. I highly recommend for any computer engineering related job. Opting for anyone different would be a mistake. She is fabulous.