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To save you some time, here are the most popular questions our Pros are asked and their responses.

Who We Are?2018-04-13T07:10:39-07:00

We are a community of PROfessionals that specialize in providing technical solutions to businesses of all sizes. Together we joined to create Let A Pro Do IT! with hopes of revolutionizing the online industry with unique technical options and processes that sets us apart from all other information technology companies in the industry today.

How We Work?2018-04-13T07:36:21-07:00
With Pros

Our community of PROfessionals are the life blood of Let A Pro Do IT! Our vetting process is quite intense however once apart of the community you become part owner in the company! Without our Pros, there is no company, we are one and the same. After being agreeing to an assigned project, every Pro will work independently with each of their clients to provide the technical solutions needed to advance their clients business.

With Clients

At Let A Pro Do IT!, we pride ourselves in providing the best Pros to fit your business needs. Before starting a project, we conduct an in depth analysis of your business needs and requirements. After analysis, we then assign the appropriate Pro, who will act as a liaison between your business and our team of developers who are assigned to your projects.

What is the typical cost?2018-04-15T00:18:31-07:00

All on-demand services are billed based on your assigned Pros hourly rate. And all clients are expected to have a retainer on account before services are rendered. After a retainer is exhausted, our clients have the option to refill at any time.

Maintenance Plans

Our maintenance plans are monthly or yearly contracts between our clients and Pros to render services on-demand. Our maintenance plans are as low as $25/mo depending on the type of services required. Our maintenance plans are available to existing clients of Let A Pro Do IT only.


Every project cost is based on three variables, budget, time and quality. Our primary model for determining project cost is called the Trinity Model. We ensure all of our clients are familiar with this model as to not set unrealistic expectations.

How to get started?2018-04-13T11:12:59-07:00
Working with Us

If you are interested in joining our community of PROfessionals, visit our Career Portal. At our career portal, you will find a listing of all open positions at Let A Pro Do IT!. And remember, we build community. We dont hire employees, we build partnerships and we are all vested in the growth and success of our company. We look forward to welcoming you into our fold! Much success to you.

Working with You

If you need a PROfessional to help launch your online business or maintain your business using the latest technologies please Get A Pro by completing our one-minute consultation to let us know more about your needs. Once we receive your submission, we may call you to get more details. After we have clearly determined your requirements, one of our Pros will be assigned to your company to provide your technical needs and services.

Who we’ve helped?2018-04-13T10:51:36-07:00

Our Pros have provided services to small and fortune 500 businesses world-wide. A few of the businesses we’ve helped are below.

What we offer?2018-04-13T14:22:58-07:00

Our services provide the following services:

  • Technical Consulting – Hire us to streamline your current business processes for maximum efficiency and growth. Find out where and how your business may be losing valuable resources and discover how to reinvent your business and gain clients who are loyal and faithful to your business.
  • Brand Development – In marketing, brand management is the analysis and planning on how your brand is perceived in the market. Developing a good relationship with the target market is essential for brand management. We make sure that your brand is recognized, memorable and in a league of its own.
  • Marketing & Advertising – The most important aspect of your business is marketing (targeting customers who want what you have to sell) and advertising (reaching customers through strategic ad placements). Our team of Pros will help your business clientele expand in less than a year.
  • Web Development – Typically your website is the most important marketing tool. Everything your customer experiences on your website reflects the quality, status and competency of your brand. While many web designers only build websites, only a web strategist can really create a powerful website that engages the user. This is our difference.
  • Application Development – If you and/or your employees are spending hours copying pasting data into excel spreadsheets and/or generating reports manually each week, then you are losing precious time and money. Our Pros can create custom desktop and mobile applications to help streamline any of your everyday processes.
  • Maintenance – Our Pro Support packages are available to our Pro Business Owners only. Each support package can be customized to include the services you feel you will need during each time period.

In addition to our Pro Service packages we also provide downloadable mobile, web and desktop applications at our Pro Apps page. From WordPress plugins to business management systems, we are sure we have the solution to help streamline your business processes.


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