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Everything you need to know to get started in WordPress

Getting Started
Every section of the dashboard is explained in full, so no area of WordPress is left unguided.

Setting Up
We show you how to start your own website from scratch and take you step-by-step through the initial processes. 

Customising WordPress
Learn how to add your own theme, make designs in Photoshop, use plug-ins to extend your site’s functionality and much more to make your blog stand out.

Going Further
The next steps are covered right here, such as optimising your site for search engines, blogging from your mobile and more.

Also inside…
Complete Guide to WordPress

Getting Started
Introducing the Dashboard
Understanding posts
Get started with new posts
Publish your blog posts
Format the text of a post
Add special features to the text
Customise the screen and layout
Schedule your posts for future publishing
Introducing categories
Understanding post tags
Manage your Media Library
Uploading new media
Learning WordPress links
Introducing pages
Manage your comments
Understanding themes
Customise your site with widgets
Customise your website menu
Using the Appearance Editor
Introducing plug-ins
Adding new plug-ins
Using the Plug-in Editor
Add new users to your site
Introducing tools
Understanding General Settings
Using the Writing Settings
Understanding and using the Reading Settings
Master the Discussion Settings
Introducing Media Settings
Introducing permalinks

Setting Up
Create a new account at
Learn how to use your account
Get and register a domain name for your blog site
Get a web host for your blog
Download, install and set up a self-hosted site
View and organise WordPress Dashboard modules
First steps to creating a WordPress blog
Learn to edit your WordPress blog posts
Posting images into your WordPress blog
Add a gallery of images in WordPress
Add video and audio to your WordPress blog
Manage the WordPress Media Library
Organise WordPress posts
Managing blog post comments in WordPress
Customise the categories in your WordPress blog
Create, apply and manage tags in your posts
Manage a series of links in your website sidebar
Improve your permalinks and drive visitors to your blog

Customising WordPress
WordPress themes – a complete guide
Top 10 free WordPress theme websites
Top 10 premium WordPress theme websites
Add a new WordPress theme to your website
Customise your blog’s theme
Design a professional WordPress theme
Create a web template with hand-drawn and sketchy graphics
Create a social blog design
Understanding the basics of CSS 
How to design sleek featured content boxes for your blog
Change the background of your WordPress blog
Create vintage backgrounds for your website in Photoshop
Change your blog’s fonts
Change your WordPress header to use your own image
Create paint effect headers
Design a trendy blog header with a retro styling
Create and display Custom Fields in WordPress
Make a WordPress sidebar controlled by Custom Fields
Discover the flexibility of WordPress plug-ins and how they can benefit your site
Optimise your blog for mobile using the WPtouch plug-in
Add social network buttons with Share and Follow
Include a poll on your site using thee WP-Polls plug-in
Add powerful and stylish forms to WordPress
20 WordPress essential plug-ins

Going Further
From HTML to a functional WordPress theme
Create a static front page for your WordPress blog
Learn video blogging with HTML5 and WordPress
Get your Flickr photos moving on your blog
Create a Twitter plug-in for WordPress
Make a your WordPress blog multilingual
Optimise your WordPress blog to be more efficient
Optimise your blog for search engines
Evaluate site data with Google Analytics
Update a WordPress blog from your iPhone

Your questions answered
WordPress glossary

Free with this issue…
A CD comes free with this bookazine and it’s jam-packed full of goodies to help improve your WordPress skills, from code and assets for the tutorials inside, to free premium themes, video tutorials, podcasts and more.

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